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Ration Card
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Mostly Indian population desire to have knowledge of being registered for place where they live. There are few steps for online registration of ration card. You are required to have a brand new ration card form and you are to fill up that form…


For every Indian citizen, ration card is must to have asset. A ration card gives you zillion benefits and is one of the most authentic proofs for your identity. Before you…


Verification of ration card is quite necessary. It is a important part of your documents. In ration card verification some process need to follow by applicant. If you want to verify your ration card, you have to follow some steps that are..

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Ration Card

A ration card is a simple trample or certificate, which is issued by any country’s government. It is majorly used in situations like emergency, time of war or other circumstances to permit holder of ration card to receive foodstuff or other products and support you financially. For example in United States, food stamps are used by those who have near to ground incomes, unlike ration cards because they offer only food products at cheaper rates and not the items which are short in supply. Ration cards in India are a vital part of Public Distribution System (PDS). Depending on your financial condition, you can purchase merchandise like cereals, rice, wheat, sugar and cooking oil with aid of your ration cards. There are three kinds of ration cards: Antyodaya ration cards are issued if you are very poor, next is Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards and the last one is Above Poverty Line (APL) cards.

There is a great deal of information provided about Indian Citizens and their family members in a Ration Card details. Address written on the ration card helps you to get work in the city, which is mentioned in the card in India or get a home certificate, identification, driving license, etc. A ration card details has full information about a person like age and date of birth of every member of your family. Information filled at rationing place of work is also there. Primarily, the applicant is required to complete a form, which will be given to him to fill up required details. Then the applicant will be called to give information handouts like their bank’s passbook, electricity invoice, telephone bill, voter ID card and a proceeding stamp of 2 rupees before dispatching a ration card to the applicant. You should take a receipt back before leaving office. Then an official from there will come at your home to see that information given is true or not. Then only he will account the applicant to receive his/her ration card in a month or so. If one already had a ration card of some place and are applying for another place, then, they are required to surrender their current card. If someone in your family get split or die due to some reason, that member’s name should get removed from the list in the card. This is done with the submission of deletion certificate.

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