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Ration Card

Annapurna Scheme

Annapurna Scheme was set up with the main objective of providing food for senior citizens who were not covered under the scheme of National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS), but only if they satisfy the required parameters. This scheme was launched in the country on 1st April 2000. Around 20% of the people who need to receive pension as per NOAPS are likely to be benefitted by this scheme. The Central Government makes this scheme accessible only to those people who fall under the following categories:

  • Both male and female potential beneficiaries’ age should be a minimum of 65 years.
  • The applicant of this scheme should be classified as a destitute, that is, one who has very meager or no means of substance at all from his income or from family members’ or other members’ financial backing. The respective rules and regulations of the state or union territory to which the applicant belongs to also decide whether the person is actually a destitute or not.
  • The applicant should not be covered by the NOAPS or any pension schemes operated by the respective State Government.
  • If they are found to satisfy all conditions, they get 10 kg of food grains every month which is given free of cost. As of now, the Food and Civil Supplies Department of all states have been getting funds for this scheme. These departments then join hands with the Food Corporation of India (FCI) which provides food grains to the State departments to be given to each district upon the payment of CIP-finalized rates by these departments at the offices of FCI. During the earlier days, food grains costs were standardized at Rs 9.80 for a kg. However, on 1st November 2000, the below poverty lines (BPL) families got food grains at subsidized rates of Rs 4.90 per kg. The BPL families are decided at the Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat levels who give away authorized cards to the families that have been identified.
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