Ration Card

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Ration Card

Duties of Card Holder

  • You must keep your ration card safely. Use of this card by another person other than the entitled holder is considered to be illegal.
  • When using the ration card for buying ration supplies, the card holder must thoroughly check for the quality and quantity of the goods that is provided to him. He must leave the shop only after getting the proper cash memo and only after relevant entries of purchase are recorded in his card.
  • You, as a card holder, must contact your nearest circle office immediately if you have lost your card or want to make additions and deletions in it. You can overwrite the details on the card, as you have no right to do so.
  • If a family member mentioned in the ration card has passed away or has moved out of the country since a period of 3 months and more, the name of that member should be deleted from the ration card.
  • If you are a BPL or AAY card holder with an annual income of a minimum of 10000 INR, you must submit your ration card and apply for the APL card given by the Government.
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