Ration Card

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Ration Card

Ration Card Office

Ration card is considered as an important document of the nation’s residents by the Indian government. If you are Indian, ration card will prove your nationality. These are separated in two sections:

  • APL(Above poverty line)
  • BPL(below poverty line)

Both the sections of applicants can get their ration card, for above poverty line and below poverty line. If you want to get ration card, office of ration card in India is situated in each state and city, you need to visit in your locality office that will help you to get ration card of your stream.

Due to increasing rate of population government opened ration card offices in every city. State government started office of ration cards in India so that the consumer can fulfill their needs as soon as possible. Ration card circle office opened in every state, every city in each of the directions: north, south east, and west. If you want to find where you can get ration card you have to visit ration card office address near to your area. If a person wants to get it, for that he will have to collect the application form from the ration card circle office situated near to his place. He will have to submit it to the ration card officer after filling it properly. Food supply officer or inspector will check details and forward information to the office. If his information is right, card will be issue to him from the ration card office. You can take both or either BPL stream card or you want to get APL.

Concerned person needs come to office and collect the ration card from office. If he wants to do some correction like name or deleting name and for further requirement like collection of monthly ration, he has to visit the office again. All offices have their time limit that’s from morning to evening so all are suppose to finish their work done in given time. Even for cancellation of ration card, applicant has to come to the ration card office.

In every area, ration card office opened by state government for those people are below poverty line so that they do not need to run for fulfill their necessities, the facilities are given to them at reasonable prices.

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