Ration Card

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Ration Card

Ration Card In Chennai

    For one to obtain Ration Card at Chennai, he/she should follow a few steps of procedure which are

    • Fill the application form furnishing required details. The forms are available in Civil Supplies or Revenue department offices at Chennai.
    • Along with the form, the applicant must attach address proof which are authorized by the Government.
    • Three copies of photograph of head of the family must also be attached.
    • The applicant must also submit a declaration that one is not already having a Ration Card.
    • Proof of Income is also required for establishing the type of Card one is eligible. The cards are issued in two different colors, yellow and pink, according to income level, one eligible for subsidized rice supply the other is for other commodities.
    • The application forms are downloadable from the website http://cms.tn.gov.in/sites/default/files/forms/ration_0.pdf.

    For issue of ration card at Chennai, there are a few qualifications, which are the following:

    • Only Indian Citizens can get the ration card
    • The applicant must be a resident of Tamil Nadu
    • Neither the applicant nor any member of the applicant’s family must have one’s name appearing in any other card
    • All those listed in the application must be family members of the applicant.

    However, Tamil Nadu Government is proposing to bring in Smart Cards with biometric identity recorded to ensure the credibility of the Ration Card holder. The Ration Cards issued earlier were valid until 31st December 2011 as announced by the Government.

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