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Ration Card

Ration Card In Kerala

For those looking for new ration cards in Kerala, the Civil Supplies Department has come up with an internet based method for registering these requests. This is easy and one can log into the http://civilsupplieskerala.gov.in/CivilSuppliesKerala/CitizenLogin.php site and can click on the link for Citizen login. The website is in the local language and therefore, the applicants do not have to bother if they do not know English, they can submit all their personal details, take a hard copy of this form and after attaching the relevant documents submit it at the Taluk Supply Office where this will be scrutinized. In case the application is perfect and the supporting documents match, then the issue of the ration card will only take a day. In case the applicants cannot log-in online, they can go the Akshaya Center that is located in their area and they can submit their applications.

Procedure to Apply Ration Card Online in Kerala

  • In case of an existing ration card holder, then the barcode seen on the card has to be entered in the website.
  • For new ration card, the applicants can say “No” to the column.
  • Personal details have to be filled in before clicking the submit button.
  • Once this is done, the screen will open up a link that will have to be activated. One can choose the Activate Account to get this functional.
  • Applicants can log in using their credentials that they had chosen on the registration page.
  • Here, the applicants will have to choose if they have the ration card or not.
  • If they choose no, then they will have three options – issuing new ration card, non-inclusion or non-renewal certificates.
  • In case the applicants have a ration card, they will see that there are 13 options to be selected.
  • The applicants can select the option needed.
  • In case of people looking for a new ration card, they can choose the new application tab.
  • They will have to provide the exact details in the form.
  • Once the data completion is over, they have to attach all the pdf versions of the documents that have been scanned as proof.
  • It is better to do a quick check before clicking the submit button.
  • After submitting, this form will have to be printed for the next step. The application number and the date of the application have to be marked.
  • After this, the applicant will see this message on the screen if the submission is done.
  • This will direct the applicant to submit all originals, the print out and the fees for the next level of checks and approvals.
  • The applicant will see the token number after all these steps. This number has to be preserved as this is mandatory for any follow ups till they receive the ration card.

Procedure to Apply Ration Card Offline (Traditional) in Kerala

  • An application form costing Rs. 5 can be purchased from the office of the TSO/DSO.
  • Fill this form, use your earlier Ration Card and send this application to the Taluk Supply office.
  • In case the applicant’s TSO/CRO is different, then they need to submit additional documents.
  • Certificate ascertaining residence proof that has been issued by the offices of Panchayat/Municipality or Corporation.
  • The applicants will also have to get certificates for the reduction or surrender or at least for the non – renewal from the earlier localities TSO.
  • Proof of income certified from the Village Officer.
  • Self declaration.
  • Once the applications are scrutinized and the details are found to be perfect, the ration card will reach the applicants in a time period of 15 days.
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