Ration Card

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Ration Card

Ration Card Registration Online in Haryana

  • First time applicants for ration card have to make an application in prescribed form D-1 and submit the same duly filled in at the office of Assistant Food and Supplies Officer orDistrict Food and Supplies Controller or Inspector Food and Supplies. Address of the applicant determines the jurisdiction of the said offices where application is to be submitted. The said offices also issue the application forms.
  • The application form should be accompanied with two passport size photos of the family duly attested.
  • The application interalia, requires applicant to declare that he has not made similar anywhere in India and none of his family members are included in any other ration card. Further, declaration is also obtained from applicant that if any information is found to be untrue, then he would be personally liable as per the applicable rules and Act. The declaration format is appended to application in Annexure II. The applicant also declares his current residential address and his address in previous five years.
  • The acknowledgement for receipt of application bears a date when the consumer has to approach the said office for ration card.
  • The inspector or Sub inspector visits applicant’s residence for verification and makes enquiries as may be required. Also information is gathered from census and electoral data base and recommendation is made to the DFSC or AFSO considers the recommendation and issues the ration card b by affixing one family photograph on the original.
  • Thereafter, on specified date, the applicant can go to the office where application was submitted and collect the ration card.

For more information please visit http://haryanafood.nic.in/RationCard_Brown.html


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