Ration Card

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Ration Card

Changes In Ration Card

A document issued by Government to its citizens to buy essential commodities at a lower price than the actual market price is known as Ration card. This card is of great use for the poorest of poor consumers who have very limited financial resources at their disposal. It can be used as a proof of address too. It can be cancelled by the government as and when required. Change in ration card by the consumer under certain given situations on a given format are made available at the nearest rationing office. This format can be used to make amendments or cancellation of card itself at the office of the issuing authority. The change can be made on that very day and if ration card is cancelled than the certificate of that effect is issued. Change of address in ration card or other correction can be made by providing the correct information on a given form. This correction form is readily available in the circle office where the owner of the card is residing. The correction, which is being desired by the owner of the card, is being properly checked by the Government authorities. Once the checking authorities are convinced that the submitted details are correct, a new ration card is being issued on a nominal payment.

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