Ration Card

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Ration Card

Tatkal Ration Card

  1. In order to make ration card issuing procedure more efficient, NCT government of Delhi has started Tatkal ration card programme under which they will issue ration cards in two days after submission of the form along with the mentioned fees that will be more than usual fees. This has been done for the people convenience. There are certain instructions that are needed to be followed in this context.
  2. This scheme does not enclose Antyodaya/BPL or JRCs cards. They only include Above Poverty Line card and permanent Ration cards only.
  3. Foreigners are excluded from the scheme as it is only for Indians.
  4. Department website, AC offices, Headquarters as well as all circle offices provide forms for it.
  5. To submit the applications, zonal office of concern and assistant commissioner can be approached. After two days, the ration card can be obtained from that place only.
  6. The date and time for the collection of ration card is noted at the end of application form by the counter clerk and the person should collect it.
  7. The applicant should provide telephone bill or house tax bill or rent, electricity or water bill, gas connection bill, power of attorney, receipt allotment letter from authorized person. In case the applicant is a tenant, then he has to provide NOC from the landlord.

The Form Should Also Enclose Document Mentioned Below:

  1. If the applicant has held any ration card before than he should submit the card or the surrender certificate in respect to that card.
  2. Three passport size copies of Recent photograph well attested by the Gazetted officer or Member of Legislative Assembly or Member of Parliament or Municipal councilor of Delhi.
  3. The application form should be signed by the applicant and duly attested by MP or Municipal councilor of Delhi or MLA or Gazetted officer.
  4. If the applicant is present, then attestation of photograph and signature is not necessary.
  5. To support the authenticity of the information filed in the application form, affidavit from the Oath commissioner or Notary Public should be attested.
  6. No processing fees will be charged in case of old card deletion. Issuing of duplicate card is also covered in Tatkal Service.
  7. Processing fees for obtaining Tatkal services is Rs 100 which is to be deposited by the applicant from the office and obtain its receipt after depositing it Fake ration card have become common in all parts of India. To avoid this, ration card in Chennai are converted in smart cards. Ration card in Chennai has become a new identity of people.
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