Ration Card

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Ration Card

Ration Card Verification

Verification of ration card is quite necessary. It is an important part of your documents. In ration card verification, some process needs to be followed by the applicant.

If you want to verify your ration card, you will have to follow some steps that are included in this process:

  • Applicant needs to fill and submit the ration card verification form by hand otherwise you can fill application of ration card verification online.
  • Applicant needs some documents with the application form of ration card for submitting ration card verification form.
  • Government department inspector will check the proof of residence filled by the applicant in the ration card verification form.

When ration card verification details are completed, you can get a receipt if government or inspector approves your ration card verification. If your ration card verification is not approved or any kind of mistake is found in your ration card at the time of verification, then only after one month, an applicant can get to know verification status of ration card. That receipt would explain the status of verification. Applicant can get ration cards after one month. In case details given by you are not accurate or some faults are seen in the documents, you have to visit again to feed in the actual status of your ration card.

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